1981 Zest-O was born

ZEST-O ORANGE JUICE hit the market for the first time and from then on, never looked back as it captured the top spot as the best selling ready-to-drink juice in the country. Ten more variants followed orange: mango, grape, pineapple, strawberry, guyabano (soursop), apple, calamansi, mango-orange, mango-calamansi and mango-lemon lime flavours.


1983 Zest-O Sun-Glo was conceived 

Another line of affordable ready-to-drink fruit juice was introduced to serve a new market who considers affordability above others. Sun-Glo was conceived as a complementing product for Zest-O. There are seven variants of Sun-Glo juice drinks: orange, mango, grape, guava, lychee and peach flavours.

orange 2

1988 Zest-O Tita Frita was conceived

Acquisition of the Marilao plant that enabled Zest-O Corp. to process tropical fruits onto purees. Sold locally and exported abroad, these high-grade purees are perfect for confectionery, baking, ice cream making and other similar purposes. At the same year, Zest-O Corp. entered into food sauces and condiments market and launched Tita Frita Tomato and Banana catsup and hot sauce.

tita frita

December 1989 Zest-O Beam Toothpaste was conceived

The company entered into personal hygiene and toiletry market and introduced Beam Toothpaste. It is the company’s answer to the numerous foreign brand toothpaste proliferating in the market. Although price-wise, Beam is 40 percent lower, the toothpaste is considered equal with any leading brands, thanks to its active fluoride system that gives teeth full protection and fresher breath.


April 1990 Zest-O Iced Tea was conceived

To offer another popular ready-to-drink beverage, the company launched Zest-O Iced Tea in ready-to-drink Doypack and powdered mix form. Both are delightful tea drinks made even zestier by its delightful tinge of lemon flavoring.

icedtea graphics

August 1990 Zest-O Quickchow Instant Mami was conceived

Another successful product was born when Quickchow Instant Mami was introduced in the market. Already the No.1 brand in the Visayas and Mindanao, Quickchow is able to capture the taste every Filipino is looking for instant noodles. Patterned after the popular mami recipe, the noodles is available in chicken, beef, pork, hot and spicy chicken and beef flavors.

noodles graphics

November 1994 Zest-O Soda was conceived

Zest-O Corp. entered a joint venture with Huadong United Can Co. of China to form Huadong Zest-O Beverage Co. Ltd. The partnership initiated the company’s entry to the carbonated beverage market. Zest-O Cola was introduced. New varieties were introduced later on including Zest-O Rootbeer and Diet Rootbeer and Squiz Orange softdrinks.

canned softdriks graphics


May 1995 Zest-O Milk-O and Choc-O was conceived

Zest-O entered the dairy market as it introduced Milk-O (ready-to-drink full cream milk) and Choc-O (chocolate milk drink). The product was packed using the steri-pack system, a world’s first that allows the beverage to be enjoyed hot or cold while preserving its freshness.

choc o graphics

1998 Zest-O Twist Lemon Soda was conceived 

Zest-O introduced its latest canned carbonated beverage product- the Twist Lemon Lime softdrink.

soda in can graphics

2000 Zest-O Calamansi Soda was conceived

The company marks its 20th year in the industry with two new softdrinks innovations- the 2-liter, non-returnable bottle were introduced early this year. Another big news is the introduction of a whole new product category, the Zest-O Calamansi Soda. This healthy and refreshing product is the first of its kind and is currently carving its own niche in the softdrink business. Other products being marketed by Zest-O Corporation includes, canned nectar drinks and cup noodles.

soda bottle graphics

soda 2 graphics

2005 Zest-O One Iced Tea was conceived

The rising popularity of bottled iced tea paved the way for the new birth of Zest-Os own line of products, One Iced Tea.


2006 Zest-O Juice Drink was conceived

One of the latest products introduced are the Orchard Fresh juice drinks. Q4 saw the launch of its 4 flavors, Dalandan, Mango, Orange and Calamansi. The brand later introduced 3 other variants in Q2 of 2007, where it pioneered the first local Fruit and Vegetable blend in PET bottle Juices (Fruit-Veggie Blend).

juice graphics

2007 Zest-O White tea was conceived

Realizing the need to break against the iced tea clutter, One Iced Tea relaunched its White tea line and highlighted its unique superiority story over competition (5x more antioxidants than green tea).

bottled drinks

2008 Zest-O Tekki Yakiudon was conceived

After months of research and product developments, the brand team decided to relaunch its Tekki Yakiudon brand via a revitalized marketing campaign and product format. Not withstanding the dominance of Nissin Yakisoba in cup noodles, the company made an aggressive launch of their own line of premium dried cup noodle. The campaign was hinged towards the daring new taste and flavors that only Tekki Yakiudon offers, such as the best selling Chili Crab, Garlic Chicken and Beef BBQ.

instant dry noodle


Zest-O celebrated its 35th Anniversary on June 15, 2015. Click here and here to read about this momentous milestone.

With its flair for innovation, Zest-O juice drinks won the consumers’ patronage and wide acceptance.

At present, the company operates five (5) manufacturing plants scattered across the country producing the different product lines that it distributes employing a few hundred people per location. The choice of locations of the manufacturing plants has a strategic factor in the efficient distribution of the products throughout its service area.