The AMY Foundation: Helping Create a Brighter Future for the Youth

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Born with all of the good intentions of giving back, the AMY Foundation traces its roots back to the struggles the young Alfredo M. Yao, the accomplished businessman and founder of AMY Foundation. Mr. Yao's youth has not been the easiest.Upon losing his father at the age of twelve and being the eldest of six children, he has learned hard work by the time he entered his teenage years in order to help his mother make ends meet.



Young Fred: A Picture of Determination and Success

Thrust into the head of the family role at a very young age, young Fred quickly took his responsibility to heart and assisted his mother by going with her to various gambling dens to sell their goods to players. Upon moving to his uncle's home, he took odd jobs and even worked as an errand boy. Alfredo was able to finish his elementary and high school studies, notwithstanding the fact that his uncle happened to host noisy mahjong games nightly. A few years later, he then was hired as a manual laborer in a packaging company's warehouse, all while persevering to stay in school. 

Through hard work and with a good head on his shoulders, Mr. Yao was able to get into the Mapua Institute of Technology's chemical engineering program. Unfortunately, he had to leave school in his sophomore year due to financial constraints.

After a few trips to where a printing press where his cousin works, coupled with his own experience in the packaging industry, the young Fred has soon learned about how promising a printing and packaging business can be. Luckily, his mother was able to acquire a bank loan that was able to finance his early foray into the business world at the age of 17 through the Solemar Commercial Press.

Two decades later, Mr. Yaos packaging company continued to grow, enough to let him travel abroad to learn new technologies and ways to package products. He saw the promise in aluminum packs, so he decided to bring a machine home to the Philippines, despite the fact that he didnt have a market for these products just yet. And when he didnt find someone interested in the aluminum packs he can make with his machines, he took a leap of faith and created his own ready-to-drink juice company that paved the way for his current success.


The AMY Foundation

With a diverse set of successful companies and businesses under his tutelage, Mr. Alfredo Yao never forgot where he came from. This is why he has decided to give back to those who were just like him in his youth. Initially, he provided scholarships to poor, yet bright children, and helped them go to school to his alma mater, the Northern Rizal Yorklin School, and even provided financial support to kids who want to pursue higher education. Mr. Yao knew that he wanted to do more, though, so with the help of family and friends, he created the AMY Foundation, named after the founder, Alfredo Macam Yao.


Established to ensure the upliftment, development, and advancement of street children by providing scholarship grants to those who are deserving, the AMY Foundation works hard to help those who are in need through education. Now registered and licensed with the SEC, the AMY Foundation works hand in hand with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), as well as the          

Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC), League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) and ABSNET-CAMANAVA (North Cluster).


Together with some close friends and members of his immediate family who share the same vision , Fred initiated the birth of the AMY (an acronym which stands for “Alfredo Macam Yao”) Foundation. Its main objective was geared towards the upliftment, development and advancement of street children, leading to the granting of academic scholarships to deserving and underprivileged children of the Philippine society. Likewise, it aims to provide financial, technical and manpower expertise towards the various projects lined up by the Foundation in the future. 


With regard to its operation, the Foundation was granted SEC license in October 2003 as a non-profit and non-stock organization while it strengthened its partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development in November 2003. At present, AMY Foundation is also an active member of Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC), League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) and ABSNET-CAMANAVA (North Cluster).  


AMY Foundation's Vision

Improve the quality of life of deprived but deserving youth by producing more college graduates and professionals hence lessening the numbers of out-of-school youth.

AMY Foundation's Mission

  • Send to college deserving children of the underprivileged sector by providing tuition fees and/or school stipends, with the hope that they will have an improved living condition and be self reliant in the near future.
  • Undertake projects and activities to equip the youth with knowledge and skills needed to uplift themselves and their families from poverty.

AMY Foundation's Goal

To have a community filled with college graduates and professionals.

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