Zesto Celebrates 35 Years


Zest-O Celebrates 35 Years of Being the Philippines’ Number 1 Juice Drink

From an unexpected beginning, Zest-O is now one of the biggest household names in the Philippines. Who would have expected that a simple ready-to-drink juice product with a unique packaging will take the country by storm? The perfect look & taste formula has easily propelled Zest-O to the top, and is now celebrating 35 years of being the Number 1 Juice Drink in the Philippines.

Born out of the resourcefulness and never-say-die attitude of the Zest-O Corporations President and Founder, Mr. Alfredo Yao, Zest-O was a huge leap of faith for the calculating and careful businessman. While he can foresee great potentials, manufacturing food products was not entirely planned. His foray in the food industry was a gamble, as he was originally a seasoned veteran in the packaging world, when he just cant let the opportunity of using doy packs for juice drinks. From what seemed to be a miscalculation on his investment, the Zest-O Corporation blossomed and proved to be one of the entrepreneurs best business decisions.

While introducing a new product can be a challenge, the unfaltering dedication of the marketing and sales teams pushed the establishment of the new brand in the local market. Its never-before-seen packaging, alongside its use of barcodes have helped create a modern look for Zest-O, impressing the local consumers that a local brand can easily, look, feel, and taste as good as imported brands.

Soon enough, Zest-O has carved its place in every Filipino home. With its healthy ingredients and convenient packaging, it has earned its spot in school childrens lunch boxes. It has even made its way to be the quick options when it comes to different kinds of gatherings and occasions. Versatile, tasty, and practical, Zest-O has definitely won the hearts and tummies of the Filipino people.

This is why it isnt surprising that the Zest-O Corporation has reached another major milestone this 2015. With all of its achievements, Zest-O joyfully commemorated its 35 years of being the number 1 ready-to-drink juice drink in the Philippines through a series of celebrations.

First on the list is the LakingZest-Ocampaign, which not only celebrated the companys 35 years of success, but also took everyone on a nostalgia trip. Prompted by a TV commercial with testimonies from people of different ages, the LakingZest-Ocampaign made everyone look back to their youths when they had Zest-O as a partner to their school baonor snacks. Folks testified that they were lakingZest-O (grew up with Zest-O) happily, and they continue the tradition by still drinking Zest-O today or by having their kids take Zest-O packs to school.

Of course, a celebration wouldnt be complete without a party, so the Zest-O Corporation also hosted a big soiree with its employees, trade partners, suppliers, and other special guests in attendance. Held in June 18, 2015, the attendees were delighted with the performances of top entertainers in the country including the winners of the first Asias Got Talent, El Gamma Penumbra, the PhilippinesPrince of Pop, Erik Santos, OPM icon, Joey Generoso, and the renowned hip-hop group G-Force. Zest-O employees also amped up the fun by holding a karaoke battle.

Of course, the celebrations wouldnt be complete without an inspiring message from the Zest-O Corporations Chair of the Board and founder, Mr. Alfredo Yao. Considered as the heart and soul of the corporation, Mr. Yaos speech was heartfelt and motivating, not only for his employees, but to other guests as well. He also took pride in the companys growing expansion to other countries, providing good signs of success for Zest-Os global growth.

With 35 successful years under their belt, the Zest-O Corporation paints a beautiful picture for the companys bright future. With the unfaltering hard work of its people, the global market will surely continue to enjoy great Zest-O products for more years to come.